Research Group Members

Allura Bartlett

Allura is currently a student at the Royal Military College of Canada and an Officer Cadet in the Regular Force Army.

Prashant Bhawalker

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Megan Cromarty

Megan is...

Mary Dahl

Mary is pursuing a 2nd Career as a Logistics Officer in the Naval Reserves after a career in the Private Corporate Sector. Her interests lie in gauging the changing landscape of the Forces and War focusing on public opinion, soldier identity and gender.

Anne-Marie David

Anne-Marie David est doctorante au département de littératures de langue française l'Université de Montréal, sous la direction de Pierre Popovic. Son projet de recherche est intitulé Les représentations du travail et de la débâcle industrielle dans la littérature française contemporaine (1945-2012). Elle est chercheuse affiliée du Centre de recherche interuniversitaire en sociocritique des textes (CRIST) et responsable des communications de la revue électronique

Yevgeny Medvedev

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Michelle Moore

Michelle is a Masters student at RMC, studying War Studies, and more specifically soldier identity in peacekeeping and reconstruction. She is also an officer in the Naval Reserves, parading weekly in Kingston.

Chrystel Morgan

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